Training Today’s Youth For Tomorrow’s Future

Oilfield NextGen is a visionary project that facilitates the recruitment and training of the next generation of entry-level oil and gas personnel from technicians to Sr. Management levels. Designed by and for the Oil and Gas Industry, the program will mentor todays youth on their career and educational path to ensure quick advancement, proper training and safety awareness needed in the oil and gas market today and in the years to come.

For oil and gas companies, the Oilfield NextGen Project offers an upcoming generation that has been properly trained to the current standards that the oil and gas companies will require to fill existing vacancies upon the market’s rebound.

What We Do

Oilfield NextGen is a group of Oil and Gas industry individuals focused on guiding and influencing the youth of today in order to build a better tomorrow. We help facilitate the introduction, training and placement of the upcoming generations whether it be into college or a trade school and make sure all options are known to each student. We not only assist with desired career paths but also give each student the encouragement to not give up and reach their desired goal.

Who We Are

Oilfield Nextgen was an idea originally thought of by one of the founders Brian Cook. Brian was introduced to the Oil and Gas Industry by his father and grandfather at a very young age. After attending Texas A&M College in Kingsville Brian went to work for his father quickly finding out that not only was the Oil and Gas industry hard work but also it had the potential to provide a better lifestyle for him and his family. Brian has had several successful companies establishing the first one at only 24 years old. He remains in the Oil and Gas industry today providing services throughout the global industry.

In November of 2019 Brian Cook approached Adam Burris (co-founder) with the Oilfield NextGen idea. Adam, also being introduced to the Oil and Gas industry at a young age by his father, embraced the idea because he too could see the need to help build the infrastructure for the future of the industry.

Together, Adam, Brian and their team have a combined over 75 years experience in the industry.

Our Classes

Oilfield NextGen provides training and guidance seminars throughout the year. Each is conducted in a manner that ensures all individuals attending have more of a one-on-one feel in place of the feeling of part of a crowd. Each person attending will not only find comfort in the stress free interactive environment while receiving up to date information and training but also in knowing that the instructor appreciates and values questions from individuals during and after seminars and training experiences.

Our Goal

While Oilfield NextGen’s focus is to ensure that the youth of today have the proper guidance needed for a career in the Oil and Gas industry. Oilfield NextGen also recognizes the constant need for the Oil and Gas companies to maintain a crucial infrastructure and staff to service the industry. The core goal of Oilfield NextGen is to ensure the preservation of the Oil and Gas Industry by joining today’s generation with industry leaders to build a better tomorrow.

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